A Sacred Horse

No Culture.

No Future.

A Sacred Horse.


A docuseries that explores the origins, the contemporary fight for survival within the Navajo Nation and the future challenge of protecting and preserving the Dine Wild Horse.

The Horse is a Story.

Chapter One

The Horse is A Story

Filmmakers follow the capture, gentling and rehoming of a wild horse. A former National Rodeo Champion takes us on a wild ride deep into a remote, scenic canyon in Navajo Country for a roundup of feral horses. Next, a Medicine Man gentles a wild horse using traditional songs and prayers. The gentled horse then moves on to a forever home on the Navajo Reservation to become a treasured and essential part of a family’s life.

The Gift of Horses.

The Gift of Horses

Navajos come together to preserve the sacred horse in the face of the unprecedented challenge of extreme climate change. Next, a Dine Traditionalist shares the creation story. Finally, a Tribal Leader charged with culturally appropriate wild herd management reveals the horses’ heartrending fight for survival.

The Homecoming.

The Homecoming

A Navajo Medicine Person shares the story of Turquoise Boy and his journey to see horses of many colors. Next, Navajo experts propose an ambitious plan to use genetic information to adapt wild horses to the changing climate. Finally, a Tribal Leader envisions a rewilding of the Sacred Horse on a Navajo Nation preserve. We close on a note of hope to see A Sacred Horse returned home to claim its place within all of creation.

The Team.

The Team

Proof of Concept

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